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Telebridge Teleconferencing

Whether you are part of a business, university or organization, a coach, teacher, consultant or trainer, you can save money, energy and time by placing a phone conference call at Telebridge. Have a simultaneous, live conference with 15 to 200 guests in different locations.

To make an hourly reservation or request a full-time Telebridge line, use the appropriate Signup link to the right.

Hourly reservations are available for $5 per hour for up to 15 callers; and $13 per hour for 16-50 callers.

Full-Time Telebridges are available by monthly rental and provide up to one calendar month of round-the-clock usage. Rates start at $75/month.

Hourly Teleconferencing

Open an online reservation account if you plan to hold less than 10 conferences per month.


Full-Time Teleconferencing

Set up an account with your own conference call numbers for use 24x7.


Teleconference Call Recording

Record your conference call and have it delivered via CD, FTP or Secure Download Link sent via Email.